Lead the way

Some people make strong decisions and then never hold to what they have said. You can't force them. And if you will try to put some pressure on them it won't led to positive result either. It will make things even worse.

The smartest  would be to leave them with all their shit alone. And if you can't avoid having some business with them just delegate as much interaction as possible to others.

And keep moving forward despite what. That is the only way to help this people. To lead the way they could follow.


The problem with hypocrisy

Some times it is so easy to make a little compromise.

For example take some money from the organized crime for a 'good dead' like building campus for students. You can even go public with that, talking about the generosity of a 'businessman'. And when few years after FBI will came for this person with charges in serious crimes you will never admit you were wrong.

Instead you can preach to the economically and morally weak society about 'right values', having millions of dollars on your personal account and don't even nearly imagining what the life for those pure people really is.

Yes, you can. Because you believe in your primordial superiority. But basically all this is a kind of hypocrisy. And you just make people thick.

Some humiliation will never kill you. But that pathological pride definitely will.


Two schools

I have never before made my talk in front of a pupils in school. Today I have done two. One in the morning in the prestigious school and second in the afternoon in school for children from failed families. Guess, where I had more grateful audience?

In the first school only few groups were almost obligatory admitted and just two teachers came to listen. In the second there were many children of different age and many teachers attended even the director (who is my former student, actually).

After the first lecture most of the audience were in a harry to launch their android devices definitely not to post about the lecture on social media. After the second there were questions and discussion and we decided to continue. I made some talking on phone and three colleagues of mine from the  Academia agreed to deliver their lecture in that school either. Absolutely for free.

But what will happen in few years? Will children from both schools have equal access to higher education? Will they be judged by their abilities not by how much money their parents have?

Some time ago I would consider these questions to be ridiculous. The children from failed families had almost no chances, but now I would not.

Now I know that I can some how contribute to their success.

I  told them today that new free world is arising in the bloodsheds like here in Ukraine. People are on the streets everywhere around the globe. In New York and Cairo, Tunis and Istanbul, in Hong Kong and Tbilisi. We lived it through in Kyiv. And there will be more. Because you can't stop the idea when its time has come. And that idea is Freedom. And the time is Now.