Imagined achivements

When we decide that we have achieved something remarkable like immortality or mastery or whatever we have a right to indulge ourselves in pride, even to expose our self-satisfaction. But the life has its own: to show that our achievements exist in our imagination only. Yet our fails either.


How to reach the balance again

If you got nervous of something new important or dangerous and lose your temper you can just increase the pain and then release it to the previous level and thus reach the balance again. At least for a while.



We cant avoid tension which emerges, while we wandering through life, between what we want and what we have, what we think we suppose to obtain and what we actually obtaining, what we want to give away and what we can.

Not you not me are alone in that. Humanity is with us. Some just are better actors or medicate themselves against the atrocities of a real life. And there is now other recipy as to get used to this. Begin to perceive the tension as a new norm.