Examination of past

There is always a choice. To solve a problem or just do nothing. The difficult part is to define a problem and don't make a problem from nothing.

Self-deception is so common. We experience it all the time in those who are close to us inasmuch we consider ourselves immune to that.

In Christian belief there is a good practice called an examination of conscience. You sit down alone in quite place and think about what you have done. And listen what the inner voice tells you about right and wrong.

More convenient title for this would be an examination of one's past. We can't change the past but insted it changes us. Burns us from within or makes us better. The former scenario comes from denial the latter through confession.


Quit Facebook

I have deactivated my account on Facebook. This decision came like a revelation. In one moment I was one hundred percent shure that I have to quit.

The problem actually was not only in Facebook itself. The biger issue was procrastination. But Facebook, at least for me, is a major platform to procrastinate.

So let me share how it feels now. It's not so easy. You gain some self respect but like awaken in the middle of the night you are not completely detached from your pillow yet. 

I recall how I was quitting smoking. The pattern is the same. And I am wondering why then if Facebook is not an addiction. 

My world has shrunk and my cycle of concern either. Now I spend more time with my family and myself. 

This blog deprived of Facebook distribution has the lowest traffic in its history. And it's good time to understand could you share your art just with few persons instead of many. 

Two friends from about fifteen hundreds contacted me to ask what happend. And that was realy great. I was expecting none.

I am fine now. And the same as with quitting smoking I hope it can be much more better in the future.  



One day you are starting your laptop to figure out that your hard drive passed away and all your files with it. The data occures not so renewable as a guy who makes profit on this has told you before.  So you are in deep shit. Lets say this is personal apocalypsis.

The situation however might have been completely different if you backuped your data recently. In that case you are saved and actulaly lost nothing.

The backup makes the difference. And I was wondering if someone has already figured out how to backup her life?